Saturday, April 20, 2019

Velas Negras stoner doom album by Fulanno

Velas Negras stoner doom album by Fulanno
Velas Negras stoner doom album by Fulanno
I might never get out of this doom kick I am in right now. I guess once your feet get stuck in the sludge you can't pull them out. Stream and read the Fuzzy Cracklins' album review of the heavy doomy sludgy Velas Negras (Black Candles) from Argentina's Fulanno........

Metamorfosis gets things off to a slow, rolling wall of sludgy doom. Just in case you did not realize what kind of album this was.

Allow me to state the obvious -- yes, Fulanno sings in Spanish. There are not any lyrics on the Bandcamp page so I can't do a copy & paste into Google Translate. I hardly know any Spanish anyway so I have literally no idea what they are singing. It might be about puppy dogs but it might also be about something a lot more sinister. Maybe I was able to catch "dreams" and "shadows." Who knows. All I can go with is that I like the sound of the vocals and they add a lot to the dark doom of the music.

I really like the fuzzed-out guitar solo toward the end of Velas Negras (Black Candles).

Velo de la Muerte (Veil of the Dead) starts with a spacey bass riff before the drums and finally the fuzzy guitar join. This song starts at a low boil but just keeps heating up. I really dig this one.

Sabbath Negro (Black Sabbath) gets right in with a nod to, well, Black Sabbath before going off on its own direction. 

Cosmos is probably my favorite track on the album. I dig the bass riff that starts things off, then the guitar jumps in and the drums start pounding. The tracks leading up to this one have already got your brain in the right frame of mind, and Cosmos finishes it off with more sludgy fuzzy riffs. 

Necromancia wraps up the album, and it's the longest track. This is a great track to end the album with because it's a little bit spacey with the effects in use, and it has a slow methodical build-up before the chainsaws kick in and grind your mind into the ground. Or below.

48 minutes of fuzzed-out doom and gloom with some great riffs and Spanish vocals to cement the dark mood. Velas Negras is definitely worth your time. Hit the Bandcamp link below.

I hit up the Fulanno guys for a quick interview --

Fuzzy Cracklins: How did you meet and start as a band?

Fulanno: We have been playing music since the late 90's in other bands but Fulanno is formed in 2010.

FC: Who are the members of the band?

Fulanno: Row: guitar and voice, Toad: drums, Mauro: bass.

FC: Who are some other bands from Argentina that we should know about?

Fulanno: There are a lot of good bands, it would be very long the list hahaha, but I recommend Mephistofeles.

FC: Tell us about the cassettes coming out next month?

Fulanno: Southcave Records is an Indonesian record label that makes releases of Stoner bands, and it is going to release our album BLACK CANDLES on tape, with shipments to the whole world in the month of January or February.

FC: Thanks for your time, guys!