Friday, November 2, 2018

Kevlar, Kryptonite, Gloria by The Stone Eye grunge stoner rock album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Kevlar, Kryptonite, Gloria by The Stone Eye
Kevlar, Kryptonite, Gloria
I was in Seattle in the early 90s at the Offramp and the other grunge bars so believe me when I say The Stone Eye delivers the real deal. Listen to the stream and read the full Fuzzy Cracklins review of the grunge rock album Kevlar, Kryptonite, Gloria by The Stone Eye......

Kevlar, Kryptonite, Gloria is nearly an hour of heavy, grungy rock that is sometimes hard-hitting (Black Cat), and other times much more mellow and spacey (the title song) with the other tracks offering a nice mix of sounds in-between.

The Stone Eye is a two-man band, and I have to say that there is something about a sticks & strings setup that really cranks my gears. Part of the appeal is how powerful the sound is — beat and melody and that's it. Very clean and to the point. Jeremiah Bertin is on drums and Stephen Burdick gets the rest of the duties including the vocals. They got together in 2014 in Philadelphia and have several albums in their catalog already.

Many (most?) two-man bands don't include vocals, and no wonder — it's enough work banging the skins and plucking the strings. Not only do The Stone Eye have vocals, but they get downright harmonic especially on a track like Tin Man.

No spoilers ..... but don't cut out early....