Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Serpent (and more!) by Risin Sabotage

 Serpent by Risin Sabotage
Serpent by Risin Sabotage
I gotta say, I did not expect to find so much good music on Instagram when I got started on it a few months ago. Of course it is a great place to find underground bands, and sometimes they find you. Today I was asked by Risin Sabotage to check out their latest single. Stream and read the full Fuzzy Cracklins review of Serpent by Ukranian psych band Risin Sabotage....

Start clicking and listen. Then you can start reading....

Wow, I have been hitting some really groovy psychedelic rock music lately. Just the kind I like, too. Lots of riffs and plenty of energy. Yesterday was the drop of the new Monobrow live album, last Friday was Psychlona's Mojo Rising (amazing!), and recently I picked up the new extended track from Solar Zero. In fact, Solar Zero is from "Psyberia" so when Risin Sabotage from Ukraine hit me up on Instagram, you just know I was up for a listen.

Serpent is the latest track from Risin Sabotage. It starts right off with a nice heavy riff and keeps the energy going the whole song. We get extended spacey guitar work, and of course the vocals firmly put the psychedelic stamp on this heavy rocker.

I like this track so much I went to go check out their previous track (which is FREE right now on Bandcamp) and it's groovy too --

So then I kept going and got to their 2017 album, and I have to say this is really REALLY good. Plenty more psychedelic stoner goodness, with a couple of long, heavy songs, too.

Risin Sabotage formed in 2015 in Kyiv, Ukraine. They are: Igor Nediuzhyi (Drummer), Kirill Chepilko (Vocals), Vitya Green, (Guitar), and Valery Skorzhenko (Bass)

So thanks for hitting me up, guys! Really enjoying your groovy, spacey stoner songs. Check out Risin Sabotage's tracks and albums on Bandcamp, and remember the live version of Sabotage Rising is free!


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