Monday, November 26, 2018

Olovorgo by The Tronautas doom metal album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Olovorgo by The Tronautas
Olovorgo by The Tronautas
It's not everyday you get to hear a George Carlin clip over the top of a heavy metal track. Today is the day! Read on to listen to Olovorgo by The Tronautas and read the Fuzzy Cracklins review.

Right off you can hear the blend of heavy metal and hard metalcore which makes for a unique sound. Last Days starts right in with a fuzzy, heavy riff before the guitars start to beat your brains in. You will be shaking and bobbing your head by the time the vocals kick in. We get a nice guitar solo, too. I really dig the blend of heavy and metal and just flat-out hard-rocking guitar work.

And that George Carlin clip! It drops around the middle of My god and it fits in perfectly with the track. Everyone knows Fuzzy loves a good soundclip, and this sample is perfect. Usually we get samples only instrumental tracks, so get a blend of vocals and the clip is a nice touch.

Eternal gloom and To destroy a beautiful thing keep the energy going. There is so much energy packed into these 4 tracks which clock in at about 20 minutes. Fuzzy Cracklins is looking forward to more from The Tronautas! In the meantime, get their album Olovorgo on Bandcamp.

The Tronautas are Radiobot: Bass and Synths, Mr.SelfDestruct: Drums, Raco: Guitar and vocals
Let's meet the band! They guys in The Tronautas are from northern Mexico, and they sent me some info so let's get to know them.

Fuzzy Cracklins: How did you guys meet?

The Tronautas: We’ve been friends for years, perhaps the early 00’s; we all played in other musical projects before starting this one; we’d always talk about doing something just the three of us, since we all have very different influences and musical backgrounds, by Summer ’17 we started jamming at Carlos’ place, just for the fun of it and to see what we could come up with. Those jams started taking shape and we approached a more focused emphasis on songwriting, basically trying to find our own sound, so by early ’18 started playing small shows, mostly opening and to see how we felt the songs in a live setting. By March we went to a friend’s home studio to record 4 songs, we liked how they turned out and decided to release them as a 4 song EP, we named it “Olovorgo”, we thought it sounded funny.

FC: Do you have any tour dates coming up?

TT: We are actually at the tail end of a string of shows through the Rio Grande Valley (Deep south Texas) and some cities in our state (Tamaulipas, Mexico) that started back in June, since then we really haven’t stopped gigging; as far as upcoming dates, we have a couple of local show this weekend (November 3rd - 4th 2018), then we have a three week break, which we’ll use to work on videos for the songs, after that we have an early December show in Brownsville, Texas, and that’s all we have thus far for the rest of the year, although we are currently booking dates in cities like Monterrey, Mexico City and major cities in Texas and wherever else turns up; we’re constantly updating tour information in all our social networks, so if you check them out, we’ll be letting you know about it firsthand.

FC: Some people might say that your lyrics are controversial and what would you say to them?

TT: Other than “My god”, which is based on the writings of two modern social philosophers: Rius and George Carlin, who just happened to point out some of the least attractive traits of humans as a species, there’s very little we consider controversial in regards of thematic content; “controversy” is just a perspective, it depends exclusively on each individual. Or in the wise words of Prince: “People make the world go ‘round”. 

FC: Are you working on any new material?

TT: All the time, the creative process is a constant in this band, either writing new songs, coming up with ideas for band exposure, like videos, merchandise and other content. We’re currently planning videos for the songs on Olovorgo and preparing another EP for the first half of 2019; we really enjoy working together, and this shows on how naturally all those little processes turn out.

FC: What is the meaning of your band's name?

TT: It’s a play of the Spanish words for stoner and astronauts, we like having fun with words, ideas, music, etc.

FC: Anything else you want to share is great.

TT: We are firm believers in the DIY ethos; this means most of the creative work is done by us, from songwriting, production, sound manipulations in recordings, video, merch printing, logo and image design, we try to be as involved as possible in all the aspects of the band.

We’ve been getting a lot of demand for a physical version of the debut EP, for this we are currently shopping it around with indie labels and distributors, so if anyone out there is interested, you are more than welcome to get in touch; and as said before, we have songs ready for our next release, whichever form it may take, it should be ready early next year.