Monday, May 24, 2021

SOLO BANDS -- submit by June 15 for Loud & Lonely vol. 2


Loud & Lonely vol. 2
Cover art by The Electric Stoner

SOLO BANDS!! Get your song on Volume 2 of the Bandcamp compilation that is in almost 500 fan collections.

Major solo bands are already lined up with pre-release music which you'll hear for the first time here, and all one-person bands are welcome to join us. Let's make this epic!! Stoner, psych, doom, rock, metal, all solo bands are encouraged to get on here. More details after the break....

Submissions due June 15 for a June 18 release on Bandcamp. NYP with hundreds of codes and promo to get at as many fans as possible.

Cover art will be amazing!! Details to follow. 

Have a new song coming up? Pre-release tracks go to the top of the track list! 

Previously-released songs are also welcome. 

Submit your music by June 10. Send your WAV file, a short bio of your band, and your social links to

Release date is June 18 on Bandcamp as NYP digital with major promotion on Bandcamp and Instagram. Codes provided to all bands to share with their fans. 

Check out the first volume from 2018 (in nearly 500 fan collections on Bandcamp): 

How (and why) to use Bandcamp codes for EFFECTIVE (and free!) promotion of your music. Fuzzy explains it all right here --

Pick any bonus CD -- including SWAMP SABBATH -- from 
The Swamp Records when you join!!
Includes over 200 digital albums to stream and download.