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CACTUS FLOWERS psych rock "Solace" EP drops March 12

CACTUS FLOWERS psych rock "Solace" EP drops March 12

Houston psych rock trio CACTUS FLOWERS has their new EP "Solace" dropping on March 12, with the lead single "Do You Want Me" now spinning on Bandcamp and Spotify. This band gets a little heavier with each release, while staying true to their unique blend of Southern groove and desert psych sounds. Check out the lead single on Bandcamp from "Solace" EP:

Fuzzy got a preview of the full release, which includes 3 more tracks just as full of psych rock grooviness as the lead single, and maybe even a little fuzzier. "Razor Blade" stands out with its bass-heavy riff, "Swimming Through a Sea of Mercury" shows off the band's Southern roots, and "Dirty Double Vision" piles on the fuzzy psych riffs. All throughout we hear Murillo's vocals which are such a great match for the music. 

Cactus Flowers is definitely a must-hear for psych rock fans. The Southern flair is like icing on the cake. 

10" vinyl and cassette tape are available on the band's Bandcamp page

Cactus Flowers is from Houston, Texas with members: 
  • Jessica Murillo - vocals
  • Mark Carcamo - drummer 
  • Chris Dunaway - bassist

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