Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Sludge grunge THUNDER VOLT debut EP "I"

Sludge grunge THUNDER VOLT debut EP "I"

Fuzzy loves grunge. It saved rock n' roll by stripping it back down to its basics. Fuzzy also loves sludge. Because it's so nasty and raw. At some point during last night's post-Happy Hour alcoholic haze, I stumbled upon the debut EP from Russia's THUNDER VOLT. I'll keep it real and say that upon awakening this morning, I had no idea how this album ended up in my Bandcamp collection. So I figured it had been placed there by Drunk Fuzzy, and I've been listening to it all day. So much grungy goodness, but with a raw sludge edge to it. Check out the sludge grunge of Thunder Volt on Bandcamp: 

Hey, I love the full-blown sludge of CRUST and VANTA, and especially the recent split from MEGALITH LEVIATHAN with DEKONSTRUKTOR but I also love Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden. And I simply cannot describe Thunder Volt as anything except an original and exciting blend of sludge and grunge. Like what Nirvana would sound like if they had gotten just a little nastier, or what Crust would sound like if they dialed it down a bit. The result is simply killer.

Fuzzy's favorite track: "You let me down" but with 4 great songs, I have just set this EP on "replay" all day. 

From the band (Guitar/Vocals Yaroslav Novitsky): 

The group's history is simple. About a year ago, under the pressure of a difficult psychological experience, I decided that I would play Stoner Doom Metal, as I had dreamed since 2010. I wrote an ad on a music forum and found a bass player. We were looking for a drummer for several months and during that time I wrote 4 songs that were included in the first EP. When we found the drummer and finally started rehearsing, the whole Covid-19 thing started happening in the world. We sat in isolation for a long time and as soon as we started rehearsing again, the bassist decided to stop playing music and left the band. For about a month we were looking for a new bass player and after reviewing about eight candidates, we decided to take Sergey. All this time I've been writing new songs and if the higher powers want it, our new album will be ready this fall. The album will be called "Wanted man" and, of course, we will immediately post it on our Bandcamp page. 

Thunder Volt is from Moscow with members:
  • Guitar/Vocals: Yaroslav Novitsky
  • Drums: Alex Frolow
  • Bass: Sergey Kokin
Follow Thunder Volt band on Bandcamp at https://thundervolt1.bandcamp.com

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