Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Stoner rock "Egos & Instincts" drops Sept. 18 from ORBITAL JUNCTION

After a trio of pre-release singles, ORBITAL JUNCTION is ready to release their debut album "Egos & Instincts" on September 18. This 4-piece from London delivers 40 minutes of non-stop riffs, pounding fuzz, and killer vocals in what has to be one of the best stoner rock releases of the year. 

Here's the track list: 

  • 01 Earthmover
  • 02 Mary Kelly
  • 03 Green Man
  • 04 Queen Of Mean
  • 05 Gamblin' Man
  • 06 6ft2
  • 07 Addict
  • 08 Creep

The album starts with a huge explosion. The first two tracks, "Earthmover" and "Mary Kelly" are as good as anything that would have hit the Top 10 back in the 90s. The band page on Bandcamp says these guys are from the UK but they sure sound to me like they are from Sky Valley. Desert rock riffs, stoner melodies, and fuzz all over everything. 

The vocals stand out as a key element of Orbital Junction's total sound. In particular, there's a variety between the songs which keeps things fresh. "Mary Kelly" in particular puts the singing front and center. 

3rd up is "Green Man" which of course I love (being green myself) but also, it's the first time this album slows it down and takes a break. Don't worry, it's still plenty loud, but now Orbital Junction has a chance to show off yet more mastery of their instruments. And again, the vocals stand way out. 

"Queen Mean" is a heavy rocker with a sense of humor. We're barely half way through this album and already I'm ready to declare this is one of the year's best. Dueling guitar & bass sounds with fuzz and hard rock assaulting your ears at the same time. 

"Gamblin' Man" anchors the middle of "Egos & Instincts" and keeps everything going. If you aren't convinced by now that every song on this album delivers the goods, you aren't going to be convinced at all. 

Track #6 is "6ft2" which lets the bass start the assault and soon the rest of the band joins in. This shit is wild! Just when you think a song has had its guitar solo, you'll still get another one before it wraps up. Orbital Junction seems to have made a decision that this album is going to pound your head all the way to the end.  

"Addict" shows off Orbital Junction's bluesy side, and "Creep" finishes off the album in the only way it could end -- with a bang! Wow, 40 minutes of 100% pure energy. 

When the album was over, I realized I had said to myself, "Oh yea, this song really stands out" during each and every song. 

Orbital Junction is from London with members:

  • Vox: Owen Armstrong
  • Guitar: Ric Fordyce
  • Bass: Billy Dale
  • Drums: Jack Revans

From the band: 

The album will be available on all major digital platforms on September 18, with an exclusive limited edition vinyl release later in the year. In the absence of live shows, Orbital Junction encourage you all to crank up the volume and have your own mini-shows wherever you are, Egos & Instincts is best served.... LOUD!

Follow Orbital Junction on Bandcamp to get notified when "Egos & Instincts" drops on September 18. 

Pre-Save the album on Spotify at

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