Monday, September 7, 2020

Heavy psych RITUAL EARTH new album "MMXX"

Stoner rock RITUAL EARTH new album "MMXX"

What happens when bring four veteran musicians together, with a mix of talents in heavy psych, stoner metal, post rock, and prog? And a singer whose range can handle all the musical influences this band is capable of? The answer is, the new album "MMXX" from Philadelphia's RITUAL EARTH. Wrap it all up in a dystopian view of humanity's future, and you're in for one hell of a ride. Check out Ritual Earth's "MMXX" on Bandcamp:

There is something for most tastes on this album, which is not to say Ritual Earth has simply chucked in whatever they like. It's quite the opposite. They are able to draw on an arsenal of different sounds and put them to use for whatever the song demands. Heavy riffs? Sure, but also there are interludes of clean guitar solos and soft synths and keys. Heavy rock vocals? When they are called for, but other times we get softer singing that is full of emotion and are fit for a ballad. If you enjoy a variety of musical styles, then you are going to appreciate how Ritual Earth bring them together on "MMXX."

The full LP running time really plays into Ritual Earth's strengths, because it gives the band the time it takes to fully explore all of the sonic landscape they are capable of. This band is not in a rush, nor should they be rushed. Nowhere does the sense of confidence and assuredness come through more than in the final track, "Ascension Dimension," where the band takes their time build up the riffs which lays the groundwork for the climax of music that will end the album. 

TLDR; Top rate full-length LP heavy psych stoner metal that doesn't fear to mix in prog and space rock as required. 

Fuzzy's favorite: "Reprisal / Nebulas Diabolos" with its layers of acoustic and electric guitars, and killer solos. And because I can't really pick just one favorite song from this album, I'll also point out that "Ascension Dimension" is epic. 

From the band:

Seven charged, dystopian transmissions set to the pulse of the dying universe to come. Ritual Earth travel further than their previous offering, pushing boundaries while remaining true to their original mission; Manipulating auditory elements to deliver a soundscape that coalesces with the listener’s projections and expansion of consciousness. While headphones may not be required, for optimal immersion, they are very much encouraged.

Ritual Earth is from Philadelphia with members:
  • George Chamberlin - Vocals
  • Steve Mensick - Guitars
  • Chris Scott - Bass
  • Chris Turek - Drums
  • with Keys & Synths by Mark Boyce
Ritual Earth has a CD available and you can download & stream "MMXX" on Bandcamp at

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