Saturday, September 12, 2020

Traditional Doom CRUTHU returns with "Athrú Crutha"

Traditional Doom CRUTHU returns with "Athrú Crutha"

When a band tells me that they write the music they want to hear, Fuzzy is ready to listen. CRUTHU returns with their second album of Traditional Doom and this is an album that only true fans of the genre could make. Every song on this album is a ripper and it never stops to catch its breath. Great riffs and killer vocals. Stop reading and start listening to Cruthu on Bandcamp:

There is some great guitar work going on here, especially the solo in "Beyond The Pale" and the doom that is spread all over. Check out the intro to "The Outsider." Plenty of 70s heavy rock vibes throughout, and overall the production quality is superb. Even with all the great music, the standout for me is the vocals. The singing is full of evocative emotion, and is absolutely the perfect match for Cruthu's music.

Maybe the biggest compliment I can give to "Athrú Crutha" is that when it was finished, I was struck that this album just completely killed it from start to finish. There was never a chance to catch my breath while I was listening to it, so when it was over, my brain felt like it had just been thrown from a train. Time for another ride!

Fuzzy's favorite: "Dimensional Collide" but that's splitting hairs to pick a favorite. The final track "Crown of Thorns" is epic. 

Cruthu band is from Lansing, Michigan with members:

  • Ryan Evans - vocals
  • Dan McCormick - guitar
  • Derek Kasperlik - bass guitar
  • Matt Fry - drums

From the band: 

Rehearsal began in spring of 2014 with intentions of creating a cohesive sound consisting of traditional and modern influences in the doom and metal genre including blues and heavy 70's rock. Our goal was not to reinvent the wheel, rather to create the music we wanted to hear. Hence the name Cruthu, Gaelic for creation. 

If you dig Cruthu (and I'm sure you do), then be sure to check out The Swamp's GRAVE DISGRACE a classic doom band from Russia who recently appeared on the Doom Charts. 

Follow the band Cruthu on Bandcamp at

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