Friday, September 18, 2020

Psych rock FOR THE UNIVERSE debut EP

FOR THE UNIVERSE bursts onto the psych rock scene with their debut EP like a sonic big bang. With just 3 tracks, the band demonstrates a maturity and depth to their music that already has me looking forward to a full release from this Michigan trio. The band tells me the EP had its troubles getting recorded during the pandemic, but now it's here, so check out "For The Universe EP" on Bandcamp:

The opening of "The Oracle" really grabs me. There's something about the slow, groovy riff that seems to announce, "Yea, the rest of this is going to be really good, too" which, as it turns out, it is. The three musicians in this band have deep roots in jazz and other music projects, and their experience shines here. There's a slight melancholy running under the smooth stoner sound waves that gives these songs a depth and seriousness that I really enjoy. Overall, these songs strike me as serious without being depressing, heavy without going doom. 

The first 2 tracks are instrumental, and "Burning Bridges" ends this short journey with a vocal track. I gotta say, it's an interesting mix to have some instrumental and vocal tracks, and For The Universe pulls it off. Doesn't hurt that the vocals match the tone of the music perfectly. I really dig instrumental music, but I also enjoy great singing. So when there is a mix of the two styles, that kind of presses a lot of buttons for me. 

The Midwest music scene is really killing it right now! Fuzzy has heard a lot of great music from America's heartland lately, and FOR THE UNIVERSE keeps the good vibes rolling with their debut demo EP. 

New bands should take note of how For The Universe put this demo EP together. More than enough music to get you hooked, and with plenty of variety to give fans an idea of what they are capable of. This is the kind of demo that gets the buzz going and grabs the attention of fans. 

Fuzzy's favorite track: "The Oracle" with its opening riff is just so catchy, but "Burning Bridges" has the vocals so I guess it's a toss-up. I could just as easily pick "Surfing On The Dead Sea" as the tie-breaker. 

For The Universe is from Grand Rapids, Michigan with members:

  • Eddie Killowatts: Guitar, Vox
  • Mike Bos: Bass, Vox
  • Lauren Howard Davis: Drums, Vox

From the band: 

The prog power trio includes veteran shredder, Eddie Killowatts, virtuoso Mike Bos on bass, and jazz infused, solid-rock drummer, Lauren Howard Davis. The sound takes listeners on a psychedelic trip reminiscent of Zappa, Sabbath, and Soft Machine while conjuring a sound never quite encountered before.

You can read more about the band in this recent newspaper article

For The Universe tells me they are working on a full album, to which I say, Right on!

Follow the band to find out when their music drops at

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