Tuesday, May 21, 2019

SONIC SLOTH debut album is 50 minutes of prog doom psych you cannot miss

SONIC SLOTH debut album
SONIC SLOTH debut album
I first heard SONIC SLOTH more than 6 months ago when I bumped into them on Soundcloud and asked them to get at me when their debut album dropped. And here it is. UNREAL is the word to describe this instrumental psych album with some doom heaviness and also prog energy. What a great sound these guys have. And this ain't no EP -- this is FIFTY minutes of great music. Take a listen to SONIC SLOTH:

SONIC SLOTH is a trio from Hanau, Germany including Marco Rehwald (guitar), Daniel Schäfer (bass), and Malte Denecke (drums).

And that album cover is so great! It is by Jo Riou. Go hit their Bandcamp page and get the shirt! (and a CD too while you are there).