Friday, May 3, 2019

The Sun That Burned Too Long EP by Shy Lizard alternative rock from Wales

The Sun That Burned Too Long EP by Shy Lizard
The Sun That Burned Too Long EP by Shy Lizard
THE SUN THAT BURNED TOO LONG is the debut EP from alternative rock trio Shy Lizard from Swansea in South Wales, UK. It's full of catchy hooks delivered with grungy, crunchy guitar riffs and punchy drum work. Shy Lizard is all about clean, tight songs that swirl around with a taste of punk and garage without getting too far away from solid rock & roll songs. There is a nice variety of sounds even with just five tracks. Some get a little more distorted, some stay a little cleaner. The band is Ed, Cherie and Levi with Ed and Levi alternating on lead vocals like at their live shows. I really dig this EP so stream the music for yourself after the break....

Shy Lizard started with Cherie and Levi playing as a two-piece when they met Ed on the local gig circuit. They bonded over music and the great outdoors and were friends for years, supporting each others' gigs, before starting to jam and write music together in 2017. After a year or two playing live, they had a good clutch of songs under their belts and this year released their debut EP "The Sun That Burned Too Long".

I like ONLY WAY OUT so much I added it to my Lunosphere X music compilation on Bandcamp. Check it out!

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