Wednesday, May 1, 2019

FREE CODES for the new Heavy Hands "Lies and Half Truths" EP

 Heavy Hands "Lies and Half Truths" EP
 Heavy Hands "Lies and Half Truths" EP
Heavy Hands is one of the few bands that stays in heavy rotation during Happy Hour at the Cracklins Shack. Heavy rock with the right amount of psych and smooth vocals that keep the party going. So I'm to glad to report they dropped a new EP on 420! Take a listen to LIES AND HALF TRUTHS from Heavy Hands:

Don't believe that me and Mrs. Cracklins really dig Heavy Hands around the Cracklins Shack? Check out this complete drink sampler Mrs. C prepared to go along with their music (and yes, the drinks were suggested by the band -- head over here to read the drink recipes).

The Heavy Hands Medley by Mrs. Cracklins
The Heavy Hands Medley by Mrs. Cracklins
Heavy Hands is staying busy these days:
We've got a show this Friday (5/3) at the Dorchester Art Project. We are playing in Boston at Club Bohemia 6/13 and then the next day, which is Friday, we are going up to NYC to play at Muchmores. 6/29 we are back at the Midway Cafe. 7/19 we are playing a house show in Boston. 7/25 we'll be in Portland, Maine, more details to follow on that shortly. And we have at least one show in the works for August. More to follow!
Check out my review from Heavy Hand's debut EP "Heavy H&S" right here.

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