Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Torsion by Malsten is an epic debut song of slow Swedish doom metal

Torsion by Malsten
Torsion by Malsten
If your band is going to release a debut single, you might as well make it epic. Are you not sure exactly what an epic debut song sounds like? Then take a listen to TORSION by MALSTEN which starts off very doom and dark like it should, layers on the effects, and builds up the riffs and tension like the plot of a good gothic movie. In fact, this song sounds like a movie soundtrack to me, or as if a good movie was edited into a 10 minute version of itself, and this song was the soundtrack. Listen for yourself:

The heaviness, the drop into the fuzz towards the end, and especially that short part where the vocals break into Swedish. There is so much to dig in this song.

Malsten is:
Manne - Vocals
Fredrik - Guitar
Andreas - Bass and synths
Joen - Drums
Malsten tells me they have more music in the works so be sure to follow them and stay in touch: