Friday, August 31, 2018

Stone Rebel -- Magic Ball album review

Stone Rebel -- Magic Ball
Stone Rebel -- Magic Ball
We're proud of our French heritage here in the heart of Acadiana. So it's always nice to hear from a French band. Especially when I need to calm down the swamp critters, and I can turn to the relaxing calming mellow psych tunes such as Magic Ball from the new group, Stone Rebel. Listen for free and read Fuzzy Cracklin's album review of the instrumental stoner Magic Ball by Stone Rebel below....

The tracks on Magic Ball are all very chill and spacey. There's only the basics of stoner music though -- no synthesizers or special effects. Just guitars and a bass and a drum set. This is great stuff. And it's over an hour. Just hit PLAY and relax.

I can't find any info on these guys but I'll keep you posted if anything comes to light.

How can you go wrong with over an hour of totally chill tunes? You can't, and especially at Name Your Price on Bandcamp. Be sure to throw some support behind these guys!

Let me know what you think of Stone Rebel's Magic Ball in the comments and hit me up if you have an album for me to check out.

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