Thursday, August 23, 2018

Fuzzy Cracklins Presents ... Dos Brujos

Everyone out here in the bayou knows a screeching vocal can rile up the gators, so we mostly listen to instrumental music. Metal, of course. Black, thank you. And for black metal, we always turn to Dos Brujos.

Dos Brujos might be the kind of band you could only find on Bandcamp. How else does a boy from the bayous of Louisiana find a pair of black metal jammers in their hidden lair in Austria?

 Dos Brujos Wizards from Planet Jam
Dos Brujos Wizards from Planet Jam

The two wizards (it's just Arminaut on guitar and Dirtyromi on drums) record each jam once and it never gets played again. So if it turns out good or bad, that's it. So far I haven't heard any bad ones. Their style varies on the jams, from thrash to doom to somewhere in between. Sometimes there's a little phaser, too.

I lost count of the number of albums they put out over the past couple of years but I think it's around 40 or so. Which you can easily add to your collection since they are all Name Your Price (as in Free or more). But you'll want to kick over a little cash to these guys so that they can swill a few beers while they jam, and also some of the albums have bonus hidden tracks for those of you with a couple of extra dollars.

There is always a great cover, too. Some are science fiction featuring Bruce Pennington, others are old line art depicting some aspect of the dark arts.

Albums drop mostly on Fridays just in time for the weekend. That's weekly during their creative bursts and a few times a month when the wizards are on holiday.

Dos Brujos don't use vocals but they have used soundclips. Check out this great set of clips from Goodfellas --

Check out the entire catalog of Dos Brujos jams on Bandcamp.

Leave me a comment about Dos Brujos or if you have an album for me to check out. \m/,