Thursday, August 23, 2018

Fuzzy Cracklins Presents ... Marco Di Stasio

As we know here in the bayou, instrumental metal (or instru-metal, get it?) is what gets our crawdad tails shaking. If you think the black metal sticks & strings duo of Dos Brujos has too many members, then you need to check out Marco Di Stasio. He's a one-man musical machine with over 120 albums to his credit. Here's his latest album, Walk In Desert --

Marco Di Stasio -- Walk In Desert
Marco Di Stasio -- Walk In Desert

How do you like the dark, bleak album cover? Pretty cool, right? Shamless plug -- I took that picture on one of my excursions out of the swamp. And I kid you not -- it was so hot that day and it was a 3 mile hike to the car ... for a while there I was seriously worried if I was going to make it back. It's the Amboy Crater in the Mojave Desert if you want to take a look on google maps.

So this album is the perfect soundtrack for that day! Full of doom and dark riffs, but it never gets boring or repetitive. If you have never listened to a Marco Di Stasio album before, you will notice they are actually a single composition that is divided into 5 or 6 tracks. Think of how a classical composition might be, except done with a distorted guitar and full of melodic, riffy doom metal.

Did you think I was kidding when I said Marco has released a lot of albums? Here's just a few of the tracks from his recent Best Of compilation -- be sure to scroll to the end of the track list for a killer Metallica instrumental cover!

Marco tells me he develops the melody for a song, and then records its guitar track. You can see in his videos that he is really killing it, too. So he kicks out an album pretty quickly. He lays down the bass, too and then wraps it up with some drum programming.

It's easy & cliche to say "underrated" in today's world with so many talented musicians and so few dollars to support them, but in Marco's case I truly believe that term applies to him. One day a lot more fans will have heard Marco's unique metal sound, so check him out now and be among the first.