Monday, June 7, 2021

June 11 -- "Winterized" bass-only sludge from SEUM


"Winterized" bass-only sludge from SEUM

Has it already been nearly a year since Montreal's bass-only SEUM crashed onto the sludge scene? This trio has managed to keep their music in our ears since then with a killer cover of Prince, and a 7" vinyl split with FATIMA. And on June 11, the band drops their new album "Winterized" which I'm here to preview. 

"Winterized" explodes with 7 tracks. The opener "Sea Sick Six" delivers the warning that Seum has kicked up their songwriting and production game from last year's EP. We've got new bass and vocal effects, and somehow the bass attack has gotten even louder -- although I have no idea how that was possible. There's an extra layer of filthy riffs on this album that make these songs even more repeatable than ever. The tracks are a little longer this time around, too. 

Next up is the lead single "Life Grinder" which you can hear on Bandcamp: 

#3 is "Winter of Seum" which continues the theme in titles from last year's "Summer of Seum" and slows things down quite a bit from the previous 2 songs. But fear not -- this one is just as thick and heavy and mind-crushing. This song definitely makes you reconsider what sounds that a bass is capable of producing.

"Broken Bones" shows off the band's ability to get downright funky, while giving the vocals a chance to really stand out. 

"666" provides a short instrumental interlude, and "Black Snail Volcano" sounds like the anchor to the album before wrapping things up with a cover song. "Black Snail Volcano" is dark without being depressing, heavy without forgetting the riff, and seals the deal that SEUM has brought their music up to a new level. 

And you can never go wrong with The Ramones! Seum brings their bass-only sludge attack to "Pet Sematary" which I will describe in one word: "EPIC" !! Fuzzy is a huge fan of cover songs, and Seum give this one a life of its own. Killer! What a great way to end an album.

Seum is a guitar-less 3-piece that delivers killer riffs, pounding drums, and brutal vocals. Don't miss their new album!

"Winterized" will release on June 11 on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms. Follow the band to get the news at 

SEUM is from Montreal with members: 

  • Fred - Drums
  • Gaspard - Vocals
  • Piotr - Bass

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