Thursday, November 5, 2020

Jazz metal KAJGŪN debut album "Maorey"


Jazz metal KAJGŪN debut album "Maorey"
Maorey cover (artwork by Győző Mesterházy)

It's no secret that Fuzzy digs heavy psych (read my MERLOCK review) and improvisational jams (CROW CRASH RADIO), so when KAJGŪN sent me their debut album "Maorey", you know I was reaching for the PLAY button before I was finished reading their email. And this 4-piece from Hungary delivers the "real deal" in metal improvisation with extended guitar jams, saxophone, theremin (the most psychedelic of all instruments), and most importantly, experimentation. To me, psychedelic music represents not only guitar work and effects that send your mind off into outer space, but it should be done with a delivery that is not afraid to try a new and unique approach. Have a listen to KAJGŪN's debut album "Maorey" on Bandcamp: 

Watch the first single "Raawm Dhe Snaayeef" on YouTube: 

From the band:
We use drums, guitar, sax, electric violin, and a theremin. In addition, Adam and Andras use various effects on the violin and the sax.
Photo credit: Bands Through The Lens

KAJGŪN is from Budapest.

Follow KAJGŪN on Bandcamp at
Photo by Péter Szalontai, edited by Győző Mesterházy

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