Friday, November 20, 2020

Fuzzy Says.... Pre-Release Promotion

So you've got your new album up on Bandcamp in pre-release, and it's got your new CD or Tape or Vinyl on pre-order. 

Now what??


The 2 weeks between the pre-release and the full release is when most of the buzz is going to happen. Don't wait until after the full release date to start promoting your music. START IMMEDIATELY!!


Your CD or Vinyl is your album page and waiting for fans to buy it.... so make sure they know it's there! And ship it to them as soon as they buy it! Don't make them wait for the full release date. You want your fans to post their photos before the release date, so get those CDs into their hands as soon as possible. Worried your merch will sell out before the full release? THAT'S GREAT! Order some more and let fans know it will be back in stock in a couple of weeks. Let them keep ordering as a pre-order -- DON'T let the item get to SOLD OUT.


Send a message to your Bandcampers. Keep it fun and interesting! Let them know your new single is ready to stream and the album is available to order, and tell them the CD is also ready. Thank them for their support, and remind them how important their support is (especially right now) because it's not possible for the band to play gigs (where you would normally sell your merch).


When you contact the media, send them 2 things: a link to your EPK, and ALSO a code for the album on Bandcamp. This gives them the option to choose whichever format they are more comfortable with. It's free to set up an EPK with your bio, photos, and album song files. And your codes on Bandcamp are only $3 per 100 (here's how to make them) or they are FREE for your first 100, and also they are FREE if you are on a label (so ask your label manager for some free codes!). Be sure to include a brief bio of your band and your Bandcamp link in your email.


Get on your social media! Post photos of the CD, tell fans about the artist who did the cover, play a clip of the pre-release single. And always remind your fans to follow your band on Bandcamp. 


Make a square graphic of your album cover with "Pre-Order Now!" or "Out on Dec. 4" or whatever. Send it to your friends in other bands and ask for a repost or share to a story. Remember to return the favor when their band has a new release. 


It is very hard to get reviews, but it is easier when you submit your album before the release date. As early as possible, send your EPK link and a Bandcamp code to blogs that post reviews for your style of music. When you get a review, be sure to post it to your social media, and also to your album page. Need a list of blogs to contact? Check out Fuzzy's blog list at the bottom of this page: Also check out the list of submitters to the Doom Charts -- the list is at the bottom of each month's list at And don't be shy about asking fans for feedback and comments! 


There are so many great playlists, podcasts, and radio shows, and they love to get music early! Send them an MP3 of your pre-release song, and tell them about your band and the upcoming release date. Include a Bandcamp code so they can grab the album. 


Now is the time to post a video for the pre-release single. Post it to your Bandcamp page. Post it to IGTV. Send it to Mr. Doom on YouTube. Ask Fuzzy to post it. Remember -- a video does NOT need to cost you any money! Find an old movie or some public domain footage. Ask a friend who is good with video editing. The important thing is to get something out there before the full release date. 


Fuzzy would love to hear from you! Contact me at

Right on!!