Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Live at The Baked Potato from Damyon and the Family Band indie rock album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Live at The Baked Potato from Damyon and the Family Band
Live at The Baked Potato from Damyon and the Family Band
Pour some Jack, find your comfy chair, and kick your feet up. You deserve it after a long day. Happy Hour has arrived so relax and play some chill tunes. You will not find a better musical companion than Live at The Baked Potato from Damyon and the Family Band so stream and read the indie rock album review by Fuzzy Cracklins............

Hit that play button and listen along.....

Happy Hour is that special time of day when me and Mrs. C get to pour the adult beverages, kick our feet up, and spin some music. Usually we have something new to try, but sometimes we go back and play a favorite. Last night we got to play the live album from Los Angeles group Damyon and The Family Band called Live at The Baked Potato. This is an indie rock group with eight members so we get a standard 5-piece rock setup plus keys and percussion, and a couple of singers. So already we know we are going to get a pretty full sound.

And that is exactly what we get on this album. As soon as these rock tunes start up, you know exactly where you are. It's the 70s, everything on the FM dial was good, and music was meant to be enjoyed. These aren't cover songs, nor are they imitations or copies. Damyon has its own sound and they own their songs like they've played them many times. But the sound is so smooth you can't help but just sit back with a smile on your face and enjoy the good vibes.

The rule of thumb is if Mrs. C makes it through an album, then it is generally very good. And if she asks to have the volume turned up, then we are really getting somewhere. Now of course she doesn't like a lot of music that I enjoy, so I'm talking about the music where our tastes overlap. We're both children of the 70s so that's rock and psychedelic and you know the deal.

So we listened to Live at The Baked Potato all the way through. And she asked for the volume to go up a few times. Things are really looking good so far. And the final test is when the album is over. Will she want to hear it again? Well..... did she? Yes indeed she did so we enjoyed it a second time and we agreed this was a really nice way to enjoy Happy Hour.

Damyon is exactly the opposite of a lot of the music I listen to. Many bands want to have an edge to their sound. Which is a cool thing and helps them get a unique sound out. So their music is edgy. A little different. Keeps you on your toes. Damyon, at least the way I am enjoying their music, is exactly the opposite of edgy. Damyon is trying to NOT have any edges. It's smooth all the way around. You can relax to it, you can groove to it, you can pay attention to it, or you can let it spin in the background.

The singing is real joy on these songs. Damyon's lead vocals are just the deep, clear, almost soulful singing you want on these rock tunes, and with the backup singers you get some wonderful harmonies going on. Do It Or Don't (Live) is a great track to hear this on.

Damyon also performs on his own. Check out the Damyon Bandcamp page and give them a follow to stay up to date on their music. You can also follow Damyon on Instagram.

Also check the Damyon web site for dates and info.

Here is the Damyon playlist on Spotify