Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Evil Notions by Clyde Von Klaus

Evil Notions by Clyde Von Klaus

Fuzzy is in Vegas this week looking for new digs (and keeping Mrs. C loaded with beverages) but I had to take a break to check out the new album "Evil Notions" from solo band CLYDE VON KLAUS. And I am really digging this one! This is a high-octane blend of doom, metal, grunge, and layers upon layers of killer vocals. Have a listen to  Evil Notions by Clyde Von Klaus on Bandcamp:

I gotta say, this whole album has me on a gigantic trip down memory lane to a time when bands like MOTHER LOVE BONE were laying the foundations of the grunge revolution that on the way. But that's not to say "Evil Notions" is exactly the same thing -- but it lives in the same world with its raw energy, killer riffs, and those awesome vocals. 

Some of the highlights for me include the vocals and guitar on "Freezing Drizzle" and "Fatalistic" and the slow, heavy riff of "The Futures Past." But every song on this beast is a winner.

From the band: 

Clyde Von Klaus is a one man band from Hutto, Texas. All songs created by coming up with some drum beats. Then I bring the songs to life by the drums commands. Spontaneously written and put together. Mistakes and drum clicks just add to the raw thrill of playing hard. No click tracks and no plan. The process is creatively and artistically rejuvenating. The closest thing to being in a band I’ve been able to recreate.  The thrill of putting ideas together on the spot and seeing what it creates and in the end it surprises me.  

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