Thursday, July 29, 2021

RECOMMENDED: Debut desert rock EP "Suck Me In Demo" by Lightning Mushrooms


Debut desert rock EP "Suck Me In Demo" by Lightning Mushrooms

Fuzzy is re-locating The Swamp to the Mojave Desert (Vegas, baby!) so I've only got time for quick reviews these days. But I don't want you to miss the debut EP from Germany's LIGHTNING MUSHROOMS. The music here is pure desert / stoner in the best possible style, with easy-going riffs, bright guitars, and doses of fuzz applied when needed. The vocals are the stand-out element here, because they are angrier, rougher, and edgier than you might expect with such groovy stoner tunes. But it all goes together very well, and the end result is heavy psych blues-tinged affair. Fuzzy digs it! Check out "Suck Me In Demo" by Lightning Mushrooms on Bandcamp:

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Last Gas Before Desert"

Lightning Mushrooms hails from Germany with members: 

  • Erwin Martynkewicz (Vocals)
  • Rolf Emmerich (Guitar)
  • Hajo Emmerich (Drums)
  • Paul Beller (Guitar)
  • Martin Saft (Bass)
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