Saturday, August 22, 2020

Concept album "Nausea" from NOLA's LEAFDRINKER drops Aug. 24


Concept album "Nausea" from NOLA's LEAFDRINKER drops Aug. 24

LEAFDRINKER drops their new concept album "Nausea" on August 24. This is the band's best album to date, and they turn the fuzzed-out heavy psych energy way up on this one. Great music with a dark, industrial theme to tie the songs together? Dig it! 

Fuzzy loves concept albums. So when LEAFDRINKER sent me "Nausea" to preview, I wasted no time in playing it. A concept album puts an extra burden on the musicians, because the songs have to work together. Both to tell the story and explore the themes, but also musically because without a cohesive approach to the entire album, the whole point of the concept falls apart. 

I really dig the opening. It's long, slow, and ominous, and sets the tone for the album. Like a heavy overture. But also each song on a concept album needs to stand on its own. That's why we don't see a lot of concept albums being released; they ain't easy! And "Landsickness" definitely stands on its own. Heavy with some great guitar work.

"Father Inire's Mirrors" is a short instrumental interlude. Lots of ripping guitar work to bridge us into the next track. Dig it!

"Bad Faith" opens so fast and heavy it's almost a surprise, and considering the previous track "Scylla" was also a door-buster, there's no way to deny the amount of energy on this album.

"1,000 Plateaus" is another high-energy interlude, quickly followed by "Weirding Way" which keeps the fuzz and heavy psych in full force, but also shows the variety Leafdrinker is capable of. This song really plays into the overlap between heavy psych and grunge and experimental rock. 

"Charybdis" is the longest and slowest song on the album, but Leafdrinker delivers the heavy fuzz and trippy guitar work. The solo in the middle is especially good. And the lyrics are especially good: 

Our law is disorder

Our progress bids blood

All actions required

Lumped in with the sum 

"Mereology" really shows off Leafdrinker's grunge roots. Great song.

"Endless, Nameless, Formless" continue the dark theme and heavy riffs, and "Phage" ends the album with a satisfying conclusion with a huge variety of sounds and vocal styles. Epic! 

The lyrics are dark and full of despair and desperation. "Nausea" doesn't tell a story from start to finish, but the songs share a common theme which explores the world we are living in at the moment. The music ties them all together. "Nausea" is a totally badass concept album. Check it out!

Fuzzy's favorite song: "Charybdis" but really, the way to listen to this album is as a single musical story. 

From the band:

"Nausea" is a concept album whose 10 songs are tied together by themes of industrial capitalism, environmental degradation, social (in)justice and general ennui, with added spices of mysticism, science fiction and ancient mythology for flavor. 

Follow Leafdrinker on Bandcamp to find out when the album drops on August 24. 

Leafdrinker band is from New Orleans with members: 

  • E Cole: bass
  • L Condes: drums
  • J Romagosa: guitar & vocals

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