Monday, August 17, 2020

Doom metal GRIM EARTH new EP "Stash of the Damned" on CD and Tape from Aonair Records


Doom metal GRIM EARTH new EP "Stash of the Damned" on CD and Tape from Aonair Records
Cover art by Steven Yoyada

GRIM EARTH is back with their new EP "Stash of the Damned" and once again, this doom metal 4-piece from the PNW delivers the goods. There are more than enough heavy riffs and nasty vocals stashed into these 3 tracks to satisfy both sludge and doom metal fans. Check out "Stash of the Damned" from Grim Earth:

"Stash of the Damned" starts this 15-minute riff rollercoaster with "Haunted" and the energy never lets up. There's a swagger to the fuzz and an edge to the vocals that gets your head banging and your lungs toking. This is really great shit. 

What hit me immediately about the second song, "Sick Fuck," was how completely different it sounds from the opening track. A hallmark of many doom albums is the consistent riffage and tone across the entire album, but Grim Earth don't take that approach. And I really dig the variety. 

"Sick Fuck" in particular has me hearing Grim Earth's PNW roots. This song has me hearing just a bit of the grunge the region is famous for. As someone who made the jihad to Seattle many times in early 90s, it is great to hear a band with an original sound while at the same time, giving a nod to its roots.

"Ruins" wraps it up. There is something about the slow, drawn-out misery of this song before it accelerates into a brick wall at its conclusion, that makes me wish it was longer than its 4:27 run time. My guess is that Grim Earth plays this one a lot longer on stage. 

"Stash of the Damned" might have only 3 songs, but this Grim Earth packs enough sonic mayhem in its stash that you will be giving it plenty of replays. 

Fuzzy's favorite track: "Sick Fuck" 

FFO: Doomsday Rejects and Merlock.

Grim Earth is from Olympia, Washington with members:
  • Craig Moore - Vocals and Guitar
  • Elmer Saez - Vocals and Bass
  • Eaon Forgash - Guitar
  • Austin Peterson - Drums

Grim Earth is on Aonair Records.

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