Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Doom metal LATIR "Vertiente" debut EP

Doom metal LATIR "Vertiente" debut EP

Fuzzy is always excited to receive an album from a band in Argentina. LATIR just released their debut EP with 4 tracks of heavy doom metal with post and prog metal influences. With synths and slow haunting growls, and a consistent musical theme winding the songs together, "Vertiente" really delivers a short but satisfying adventure through the ancient ruins of despair. Listen to Vertiente by Latir: 

"Vertiente" starts off with "Sueños de antiguas madres" (Dreams of old mothers) with a slow, deliberate pace. There's some great drum work going on, especially in the middle with the drum changing sound before the song changes it's pace for the final third. At this point, the song definitely has some post or prog metal influences. 

The vocals don't pick up until the title track ("Slope") which starts off with synths and guitars that sound sound like chimes, then gets pretty epic with a slow agonizing riff. First, the vocals some in low, slow growling, but later it's cleaning singing but still off in the distance as if we are hearing them from across the graveyard. 

"La serpiente que danza en nuestras sombras" (The snake that dances in our shadows) is one of the two instrumental tracks on the EP. Watch the video on YouTube:

Latir is mainly the duo of Andrés Gualco on drums and Gastón Praddaude with the vocals, guitar, bass, and synths. 

Fuzzy's favorite track is "Donde se quiebra el tiempo" (Where time breaks) which I think strikes the best blend of this band's heavy talents: it's got plenty of doom, a great riff, and the haunting vocals. 

Latir band is from Argentina with members:
  • Andrés Gualco - Drums
  • Gastón Praddaude - Guitar, Vocals, Bass & Keyboards/Synths
  • Juan Manuel Llanos - Bass on track 3
  • Cristian Jimenez - additional percussion on track 1
From the band:
Latir is a doom metal band with progressive metal elements in their music, including latin and world music. Latir uses guitar, drums, bass and other instruments like synths, vintage keyboards, ethnic percussion and other. In Latir music one can hear slow epic doom and sludge riffs in the vein of Neurosis, Amenra, Melvins, OM, and also complex rhythms and passages. The songs are extended compositions with various parts, properly progressive in their structure, in the tradition of bands like Opeth, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra and such.
Follow Latir band on Bandcamp at https://latirmusic.bandcamp.com.

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