Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Samhain by Train to Elsewhere is classic doom from Russia


Samhain by Train to Elsewhere is classic doom from Russia

"Samhain" by Russia's Train to Elsewhere is slow and heavy -- just the way classic doom should be served! This album is like a dark cloud that blacks out the sky, and then drifts downwards to surround you. You cannot escape the sense of dread that this album delivers. Perfect soundtrack for the lockdown! Listen to "Samhain" by Russia's Train to Elsewhere on Bandcamp:

One aspect of this album that I really like (but did not appreciate until after a couple of listens), is how steady the flow is across each of the songs. None of the songs tries to jump out from the others. Each is pummeling and heavy, yet without getting repetitive. A very solid album indeed.

"The Path" has 2 versions on the album, one in the band's classic doom style, and the other in "neofolk" which is a bit more lively (but not by too much). 

Train to Elsewhere is from Moscow with members:

  • Lead Guitar: Maria K. "Gerard"
  • Rhythm Guitar: Olga
  • Drums: M'aiq the Liar
  • Vocals: Denis Generalov
  • Bass Guitar: Anton "Vargtimmen" Bryukov

From the band:

We play a rather unconventional mix of doom metal with some stoner rock, heavy psych and gothic doom and even a bit of neofolk. It is a weird and strange album and recorded on a budget however we managed to get the attention of a few big YouTube channels as well as to take part in the latest Doomed and Stoned compilation.

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