Wednesday, March 17, 2021

SALIGA psych prog debut "Förödelsetrilogin"

Swedish duo SALIGA presents their debut EP "Förödelsetrilogin" ("The Destruction Trilogy") which is instrumental heavy psych, with some progressive flair and lighter psychedelic influences which result in an excellent listening experience. These songs sort of float between the dividing line of heavy psych and psych and prog with various moments of catchy riffs, samples, and guitar solos. Fuzzy is really digging this one on "repeat" and any psych fan should give "Förödelsetrilogin" a listen on Bandcamp:

Fuzzy loves samples, and the 2nd track "Urknallen / Livsriffet" fades them in and out to interact with the guitars, almost as if they are taking turns in telling a story. Really dig this one. 

To my ears, the first song is the most in the heavy psych genre, with the second leaning more towards pure psych, and the final song including the most elements of prog. But that's kind of splitting hairs, as all the songs blend the genres together to great effect. The result is an excellent debut EP which any fan of psych will enjoy.

The band tells me that "Förödelsetrilogin" is the first in a trilogy of albums. I'm looking forward to the next 2 installments!

From the band:

We are two guys from Malmö, Sweden who create music under the name Saliga. The project started about 8 months ago when we both got tired of making music that was bound to a bunch of unwritten rules. So we rented a small rehearsal space and built our own studio in there. The process is iterative, exhausting and often weird, but we are very happy with the result.

Follow SALIGA on Bandcamp at

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