Monday, June 3, 2024

What is NYP and how do I add free music to my Bandcamp collection?

"NYP" stands for Name Your Price on Bandcamp. When an album's price is set to NYP, it means you have 2 choices for downloading or adding the album to your Bandcamp collection:

  • Enter "0" (zero) as the price you want to pay for the album. Then you can download it to your computer. Note: this does NOT add the album to your Bandcamp collection.
  • or, Enter $1.00 (or the minimum amount) which allows you download the album AND add it to your Bandcamp collection so that you can listen to the album from your Bandcamp app.

Paying a small amount for the album has another great benefit: your Bandcamp avatar will appear on the album page which shows other fans that you support the music that you love.

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