Tuesday, December 22, 2020

SEUM / FATIMA split on 7" vinyl


Dec. 24 - SEUM / FATIMA split

What better way to send off 2020 with a big "Fuck you!" than with 2 nasty tracks on a 7" split with a 28 page zine to back them up? SEUM and FÁTIMA drop covers of each band's songs on December 24. The digital download on Bandcamp includes the zine in PDF format, and there will be a limited number of 7" vinyls with custom popup art by comic artist Gorka Uztarroz

Seum kicks it off with their cover of Fátima's "Saliva Bath" and then Fátima returns the favor with their cover of Seum's "Raining Bricks." The biggest difference from the originals to the covers is with the vocals, with Seum slathering gritty dirty vocals on their song, and Fátima dropping a grunge interpretation. 

To me, a great split not only sounds great, but makes you want to dig into the other band's music. For me, hearing the sludgy take of "Saliva Bath" with its drawn-out ending was enough to get me to head over to Fátima's "Turkish Delights" from earlier this year, and hear the original. Much more in a grunge style and got me listening to the whole album. 

Don't miss the 28-page PDF zine included with the digital download! Art, lyrics, backstory, inspiration for the split, detailed recording info -- this is a music lover's delight. There's even a section dedicated to the album's art and cover.

Each band has made their cover into their own creation. 2 great covers, a killer zine, and a popup 7" make for a great send-off to a shitty year!

Follow the bands to get the split & 7" vinyl when it drops on December 24 -- 

Seum on Bandcamp

Fátima on Bandcamp

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