Thursday, February 10, 2022

SRWW Community Album ft. MOTH66

SRWW Community Album ft. MOTH66

Two years in the making with the efforts of dozens of musicians from around the world including The Swamp's MOTH66, check out the compilation "SRWW Community Album" now on Bandcamp and soon to be on vinyl. This is 7 brand new tracks composed and recorded remotely during the pandemic. A huge spectrum of genres are represented here, along with some big names from the heavy underground scene including Bob Balch (Fu Manchu), Papanikolaou Babis (Planet of Zeus), and Tolis Motsios (Nightstalker). (Full track listing and credits are below.) Listen on Bandcamp at: 

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The Swamp's MOTH66 features with guitar on "Raw." Listen to his new album and get the CD from Moth66 at

Track 1 - Dreams of Space

Francesco Bonardi - Guitar (Hackberry, Netherlands)

Eric Frantzen - Bass (Mantra Machine, Netherlands)

Drev - Vocals (Descarado, Sweden)

Miguel Pereira - Guitar (Bushfire, Germany)

Sascha Holz - Drums (Bushfire, Germany)

Track 2 - Remain

Martin Frank - Bass / Vocals (White Noise Generator, Germany)

Thomas Berger - Drums (Timestone, Austria

Tony Hochhuber Guitars Germany)

Track 3 - The All Seeing Sun

Diamond Pr - Guitar / Vocals (The Same River, Greece)

Oscar Flanagan - Guitar (Insonika, Sweden)

Armin Lehner - Keys (Ozymandias, Austria)

Brien Gillen - Drums (Elder Druid, Northern Ireland)

Rafael Denardi - Bass (Rafael Denardi, Brazil)

Special Guest: Papanikolaou Babis (Planet of Zeus, Greece)

Track 4 - Raw

Luke Taylor - Drums (White Noise Generator, Germany)

Derek Fisher - Guitar (Moth66, USA)

Niels van Eldijk - Bass (Ramkoers, Netherlands)

Ben Plochowietz - Guitar / Vocals (Scorched Oak, Germany)

Christoph W. - Vocals (Ozymandias, Austria)

Special Guests:Tolis Motsios Nightstalker (Greece)

Track 5 - Calypso

Tom Maene - Guitar (Motsus, Belgium)

Jeroen Schippers - Drums (Mantra Machine, Netherlands)

Linda Hackmann - Bass / Vocals (Scorched Oak, Germany)

Dimitris Vardoulakis - Vocals (Honeybadger, Greece)

Jonas Hartmann - Keys (Willow Child, Germany)

Special Guest: Bob Balch (Fu Manchu, US)

Track 6 - Stalactite Caves

Alex Pöll - Bass / Vocals (Cone, Germany)

Jakob Aigner - Guitar / Vocals (Timestone, Austria)

Massimiliano Boventi - Drums (Humulus, Italy)

Uwe Halmich - Guitar (Eternal Engine, Germany)

Track 7 - Wastelands

Peter Dragt - Drums (Bismut, Netherlands)

Jake Wallace - Guitar (Elder Druid, Northern Ireland)

Jason Recoing - Bass (Pelegrin, France)

Dale Hughes - Synth / Keys (Electric Octopus, Northern Ireland)

Francois Roze - Guitar / Vocals (Pelegrin, France)