Wednesday, September 29, 2021

What's in stock at The Swamp Records


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  • October - LUNAR SWAMP "Moonshine Blues" doom blues - Doom Charts in August 2021
  • November - GALLERY OF GHOULS "Satan's Sludge" horror metal
  • December - ZODIAC RIPPERS "Tales From The Old Spell" (with 2 bonus tracks) stoner punk

** NEW ** CACTUS ROJO double EP on one CD "Myths of the Elders" and "Cosmonautas" stoner rock

SWAMP SABBATH - Black Sabbath covers by the bands of The Swamp

LORDS OF THE NIGHT - All original music by the Bands of The Swamp Records

BRETUS "Magharia" horror doom with BONUS CD

FROGLORD - "The Mystic Toad" - Doom Charts in August 2021

WILLOW ASH "Hypnagogia" stoner metal - Doom Charts in December 2020

WATCHMAN "Doom of Babylon" stoner doom

GREEN HOG "Devil's Luck" and "Dogs From Hell" stoner metal

THUNDER VOLT "Wanted Man" grunge

JERICO - "Trip To Death and Back" psych rock

TAUBNERNAUT "Escalating Fetishist" with BONUS CD

GRAVE DISGRACE "Rest In Peace" classic doom

3DEMONS "Upala / Desierto Cosmico" double EP