Saturday, December 15, 2018

Kiss of Death by Dawn's Divide new hard stoner rock single

Kiss of Death single by Dawn's Divide
Kiss of Death single by Dawn's Divide
I've been hitting some pretty hard music lately so when the guys at Dawn's Divide asked me to take a listen to their latest track Kiss of Death you know I was up for it. Keep going past the jump to listen to it and read the Fuzzy Cracklins' review of the hard stoner rock track Kiss of Death by Dawn's Divide......

So right off, any track that starts with "pretty sure you're fucked" is my kind of track.

Some stoner rock is pretty mellow, and almost kind of relaxing. This is not that kind of stoner rock. This is fuzzed out with a catchy riff. I really like the complexity of the vocals with the hard-driving fuzz of the guitar over a heavy groundwork from the bass & drums.

What I dig so much about the track is the change in mood of both the music and the vocals. It starts off like a rock ballad but gets attacked by chainsaws and screaming, and then back again. Well, the band does call itself "divide" right, and you get a sonic divide in Kiss of Death.

There's been some really good music coming out of PA lately; I am starting to think there is some kind of heavy unearthly disturbance located in Pennsylvania.

Dawn's Divide hits the studio in February to record their first album. Fuzzy is looking forward to it!

Check out Dawn's Divide on Bandcamp (they have a couple of other singles up there) and on Instagram. Hit the Dawn's Divide web site for show info including the upcoming Winter Washout on January 19.

Les was cool and answered some questions I had for the band --

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Is Kurt singing all the vocals himself? Sounds like there's some backup? Very cool how the singing is layered and goes from mellow to overdrive.

DAWN'S DIVIDE: Yes, he is singing them himself, he double tracked a harmony on the verses and layered the chorus!

FC: How did you guys meet?

DD: Matt our bassist first found our original singer on Craigslist and drummer Chuck, through a friend.  They began building a set and started trying out guitarists.  Matt found Les through a musicians finder site and reached out to him.  Les came out and by the end of the practice, we knew we found our guy.

After 3 practices our singer had to have some serious neck surgery to repair an old injury.

He was only supposed to be out for about 8 weeks.  His surgery went well however, it damaged his vocal chords.  Unfortunately he was unable to get his voice back.  We waited for months hoping that he could return but ultimately, he was unable to.

We began to try out new singers and Chuck mentioned he knew a guy, Kurt, who used to sing and was really good, he just hadn’t played for years.  We had him come out and it went well but we thought we should give a second audition to Kurt and a few others.  After the first song of Kurts second audition, we were blown away!  We were completely sold and we’ve been writing and preparing ever since.

FC: Who do you listen to in your spare time?

Kurt: Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Crowbar, Megadeth, King Diamond, Elvis, Rod Stewart

Les: Zeppelin, Sabbath, Black Label Society, Uncle Luscious, Kyuss, My Sleeping Karma, Wardruna, Somali Yacht Club

Matt: 1000Mods, Down, The Bad Light, Elder

Chuck: NOFX, Flatliners, Propagandi, Mastadon

FC: Thanks for your time, guys!