Sunday, October 13, 2019

ADVENT VARIC Gets In The Swamp with new single "Saturn 9"

"Saturn 9" is the new single from ADVENT VARIC
Art by @flavionoids
Fuzzy Cracklins Presents is excited and proud to announce ADVENT VARIC is in The Swamp! I love their killer blackened metal sound and you can't beat the bong rips coming from Captain Graves and his crew on Saturn 9. Listen while you can to their new single "Saturn 9" named in honor of their cloaked dreadnought orbiting the Earth awaiting the call from Varic to lay waste to our planet:

The single headlines my next digital compilation on Bandcamp dropping October 25th and curated by The Captain himself. You can listen to ADVENT VARIC'S SCORCHED EARTH right now when you join the Swamp Krewe. It has 14 of the best blackened metal songs out there today. Listen now at The Swamp Krewe.

ADVENT VARIC has a lot going on right now:
  • October 18 show at the 33 Golden in New London CT 
  • November 3 show at The Opus in Salem Mass.
  • November 23 show with The Necrosexual in Philadelphia
  • CD coming soon including a 14-page comic book telling the story of Tumulus
  • Re-release of "Tumulus Part I" in November
  • "Tumulus Part III" in December
While he's not writing & recording with Advent Varic, Captain Graves writes the "Captain's Chronicles" column music reviews over at Sleeping Village Reviews.

Artwork for the single is by @flavionoids

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