Sunday, July 14, 2019

SLOWNER debut EP is a perfect stoner album

I love it when a band recommends an album they are spinning! And yesterday DEAF SWAN posted on Instagram about the debut EP from SLOWNER. I immediately went over to Bandcamp to give it a listen. I knew this would be good because I love Deaf Swan so I figured this was going to be groovy as well. But I have to say ... this debut EP is completely blowing me away! Every one of the 34 minutes is pure stoner rock. Riffs, heavy, and the vocals that are such a perfect match to the sound it will blow you away. There is a variety between the songs and yet the entire album plays with such a nice, smooth flow that you will just start it and let it play. No skipping needed! I usually set my player on REPEAT and I had listened to the full album 3 times without reaching for the pause button. Check these guys out!

SLOWNER is from Brazil. In their own words,
Slowner is a Stoner / Doom band from Recife, PE, Brazil formed in October 2018 inspired by the Stoner Rock of the 90s with influences from the 70s and the dirt and aggressiveness of Doom. 
You will find both DEAF SWAN and SLOWNER on next month's epic digital comp BRASIL IN FUZZ powered by Fuzzrious. So go ahead and follow me on Bandcamp to get the alert when it drops. It will be epic! FOUR HOURS OF FUZZ!!

Don't forget to check out DEAF SWAN too! Those guys are great and they have some new music coming soon.

Coming soon to Spotify!