Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Green Inferno demo is 3 tracks of evil stoner doom metal

Green Inferno demo is 3 tracks of evil stoner doom metal
Green Inferno demo
GREEN INFERNO is a 3-piece doom band out of New Jersey with a 3-track demo that kicks heavy ass. The only thing "demo" about it is the number of tracks. Otherwise this is great stuff. Slow and heavy, very cool evil vocals, and most importantly, it leaves you wanting to hearing their debut EP or album. Every band should have a demo like this!

Green Inferno are a 3 piece doom band formed in New Jersey USA in 2017. Green Inferno's brand of doom metal is a mix of stoner, doom and sludge. Their debut 3 song demo was released in Jan 2019 and is available on all major streaming platforms as well as CD.

Doom & Duds for TEN bucks! You can't beat it!
So here's a little backstory about how I found out Green Inferno and maybe this sheds a little light on why merch is so important even for a new band. I spend waaaaay too much time Instagram which is bad for my mental health but great for finding new bands. I stumbled upon a post from Green Inferno telling about their $10 shirt + CD combo and since I cannot resist that kind of deal, I ordered one without even listening to them. A few days later the shirt arrived (killer, BTW) with the CD and that's when I first listened to them. I dug it and here we are doing the review. So usually it's the other way around (take a listen, then buy the merch) but you can't get around the fact that CDs have a way of getting passed around and played in the car to take the edge off of a long commute.