Saturday, July 6, 2019

COSMIC ROVER new album SPITTING FIRE is high-octane stoner rock

COSMIC ROVER has been together only since last year, but its members bring many years of heavy rock music into the group and puts the "POWER" into power trio. Singer and drummer Edson Graseffi put in nearly 30 years with Panzer, guitarist Rick Rocha brings in the riffs and licks, and bassist Rodrigo Felix is an experienced musician from the night of São Paulo. Their sound is pure stoner rock with tons of riffs, heavy bass, pounding drums, and tough vocals. SPITTING FIRE is an album to play at your next party to make sure everyone gets up and gets their moves on.  FFO: Audio Slave, Corrosion of Conformity, Pentagram, and the heaviest of 70s rock bands. Take a listen to Cosmic Rover on Spotify:

You can also find "Our Tattoos" on Fuzzy's Fuzzy in the Desert playlist on Spotify.

Cosmic Rover is Rick Rocha, Rodrigo Felix, Edson Graseffi
Cosmic Rover just finished shows in Uruguay and has shows planned in Chile and the well-known River Rock festival in September in the state of Santa Catarina.

Check out the latest video from Cosmic Rover from their tour in Uruguay:

You will hear Cosmic Rover on BRASIL IN FUZZ in August, a compilation of the heaviest music this year in Brazil. Check out the album here and follow Fuzzy on Bandcamp to find out when the album drops. Brasil in Fuzz is a digital co-production on Bandcamp from Fuzzy Cracklins and Fuzzrious.

BRASIL IN FUZZ lands in August