Monday, June 17, 2019

ADVENT VARIC sends a 2-part blackened stoner metal warning: TUMULUS

ADVENT VARIC describes their music as blackened stoner metal and I would say that "symphonic doom" or even "extreme doom" are also ways to describe these two debut tracks from this trio out of Boston. Whatever you call it, I love the epic sound and long track times, the backstory, and the guitar work going on here. There are so many riffs packed into 15 minutes on each of these tracks that it is hard to listen to this in the background -- it demands your attention. When the debut music is this good, you know you are looking forward to the band's next album.

ADVENT VARIC is: Doug Graves - Guitar and Vocals, Phill Graves - Bass, Steve - Drums. In their own words:
Advent Varic is Blackened Stoner Metal from the planet Tumulus. We were sent to your Terra on Saturn 9  to consume your kind. Repent before Captain Graves, before you are annihilated.
Keeping true to progressive songwriting, gritty attention grabbing guitars, sheet metal ripping vocals, low end nightmare bass attacks, and gentle atmospheric interludes. This is surely something you've not experienced before.

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