Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Pink Cocoon FEB 15 at Montreal's Punk Rock Meets Doom and band interview

Pink Cocoon
Pink Cocoon
Pink Cocoon is the power trio out of Montreal playing doom blues. And they're playing the Punk Rock Meets Doom show this Friday night. All the details AND an interview with Pink Cocoon after the jump......

First up -- the PUNK ROCK MEETS DOOM show is this Friday Feb. 15th at Katacombes in Montreal. Pink Cocoon will be sharing the stage with Pussy Stench, Bad Skin and Ritual Master. Hosted by Zolla Productions. Check it out! Tickets and Info for Punk Rock Meets Doom in Montreal.

Pink Cocoon plays doom blues, but don't think it's slow or mellow.  Lots of riffs, vocals a little more punk than doom, and it's just a great sound that gets doom-y but then turns around and rips, too. Take a listen on Pink Cocoon's web site

More photos, tour dates, and streaming music are all at https://www.pinkcocoonband.com

On to the interview! Pink Cocoon took the time to answer a few of Fuzzy's questions....

FUZZY CRACKLINS: What gigs, albums are on the way from Pink Cocoon?

February 15th  - Punk Rock Meets Doom fest at Katacombes in Montreal
(Pussy Stench, Pink Cocoon, Bad Skin, Ritual Master) + Visual Artists
February 23rd - Rockfest on Rideau St at Mavericks in Ottawa
(Nessie, Pink Cocoon, Neverfriend, Ashbreather, Black Water Brigade) +Visual Artists
April 27th at DelRay Music Lounge in Toronto
(Sundecay, Lousy Riders, Pink Cocoon, Goatbox Rebels)

Hosting & organizing all shows under my booking Zolla Productions.

I am planning to record some new singles or a new EP. I can't say much right now but the new material is going in a different direction and I am taking in various influences. I think the newer songs are going to be more catchy (more hooks, chorus, focus on song structures while still keeping it heavy blues oriented.

FUZZY CRACKLINS: How / why do you record the albums all yourself?

PINK COCOON: By default, this whole project started from a "demo" (which is called the Alienation EP) recorded a little more than 2 years ago at this point. I went into the studio myself, just going solo, wanting to see what could happen. I had this vision on what the songs should sound like or what sort of general vibe I'd be writing in. I didn't really expect people to dig into it like now and I personally hate listening to it while people seem to like it...

When performing in studio myself, I'll record the foundation first and layer everything on top. I play the drums first using a song structure to know which parts and how many time to play it, then layer the bass part on top, then guitars, lead guitars and lastly the vocals/ overdubs come in last.
I think recording myself challenges me as an artist and I don't see many bands doing it. Kind of following the Mac De Marco / Tame Impala mentality where they record themselves and have live musicians for the show. Although, this might change with the next EP. I will possibly have musicians in on future recordings.

The Alienation EP was a mix of recording at Avbury Studios and having the mix/master done by Greenhouse Studio and Francois Gagnon. The upcoming EP or new music video/singles will most be happening at Freq Shop studio Montreal. I am constantly looking to work with new artists and new studios. A lot is currently in the works.

FUZZY CRACKLINS: What bands in Montreal should we be listening to?

PINK COCOON: Check out The Hazytones, The Naked High, Space Wizards, Hanorah, Luger, Pussy Stench, Ritual Master, Bad Skin, The Nicotines.

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Are there any movies or genres where you draw your lyrics and themes from?

PINK COCOON: I honestly don't watch a lot of movies and I don't even remember the last time I watched Netflix either. My TV is basically You Tube at this point. I see a lot of stoner rock/doom bands talking about all these horror doom movies they draw inspiration from, which is fine but I'm not into that. A lot of my lyrics are talking about personal topics that are open for interpretation. I won't write about wizards and spells. It's been done already.

Themes usually range depending my emotions. I'll listen to a lot of pop/trap music when I'm not listening to Rock music. I love how how certain trap/rap songs have very direct lyrics and I can relate to it, even though I am not a rapper. ex: G-Eazy, Lil Skies, Lil Peep. I also dig the melodies in certain pop artists as well. ex: Halsey, Billie Eilish..

FUZZY CRACKLINS:  So me and Dr. Greenthumb are working with a dude in Europe who is really into the doom scene and is helping us pick tracks for a doom comp we are dropping on 4/20. Are you up for getting one of these tracks on that?

PINK COCOON: Most definitely! I would love to have one of my tracks on the compilation. I would recommend either Help Me, No Control or Old Lady at the Window. [FC: DONE!!]

Thx for the interview!

To anyone reading discovering Pink Cocoon for the first time, feel free to check out the website:


FUZZY CRACKLINS:  Thanks for your time!! And hit that show this Friday!