Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Dwarf Star Sessions by The Heavy Door Band instrumental acid psych album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

The Dwarf Star Sessions by The Heavy Door Band
The Dwarf Star Sessions by The Heavy Door Band
We were just saying in my review of Crushing Yellow Sun that truth in advertising is an important concept. And here again we have a good example. Listen to the heavy sounds and read the Fuzzy Cracklins music review of the instrumental stoner album The Dwarf Star Sessions by The Heavy Door Band......

This is stoner music by a stoner for stoners. There is no way around that. Dr. Greenthumb is the man behind the guitar of this one-person band, and he is also the proprietor of one of Oregon's finest herb farms. With some glorious merch to go along with it at his Bandcamp page, too. There is a quality to this guitar work that is both heavy & relaxing while uplifting & invigorating at the same time. I have been playing this album on repeat for days now, and there is a quality to its sound that makes my mind wander and roam in a very positive way. Fuzzy hasn't smoked in years, either, so I can only imagine the effect this music has when combined with the doctor's other products.

Besides running a marijuana farm in Oregon, what else do we know about The Heavy Door Band? In his own words --
I was married at 22 in 1990. my daughter was born in 1991. I worked for PG&E utility as a Underground Construction Mechanic until i was injured at 42. After 20 years my Wife found Meth and The Streets, I found a Cheap guitar at a pawn shop and taught myself to play. I left her everything and walked away. I played the guitar everyday for 3 years pouring my emotions into it. All I had left. lol. Im 50 now and have a new life. The Dwarf Star Sessions is a Improv album recorded in 25 minutes. I just let it go. I will never be able to repeat it exactly.
Music from the heart and soul. Enough said.

As I always say, head over to Bandcamp to support this fine musician, but today I am also asking you to follow The Heavy Door Band on Instagram. His old account was recently shut down by the The Man at Instagram, and we would appreciate your help in building up his account again.

Of course you will find Heavy Door Band on the upcoming Loud & Lonely vol. 1 compilation! It drops on December 7 and you are going to love the heavy sounds on there. We've got 17 musicians lined up already! More info at Loud & Lonely vol. 1.